Welcome to Young Carers Together
Young Carers Together came in to being when six friends were away for a weekend and decided they needed to do something to help Young Carers have some fun and a break from their caring roles.  We organised our first Fundraiser on 31st May 2014 and everything went from there.
Who we support and why
Young Carers provide unpaid support and care for other members of their family. By providing activities and fun days we aim to give Young Carers a chance to have a break from their caring role and have some fun. They also have the opportunity to spend time and talk with other Young Carers. This allows them to discuss their caring role knowing they won't be judged and that there are other Young Carers in a similar situation to them.
Young Carers are the unsung heroes in our communities. This wonderful group of children grow up too fast, often missing out on the basics that we take for granted. We provide fun events and activities for Young Carers in the school holidays. We hope that this can be the beginning of a passion we have, to provide regular support, over the coming months and years and to have a lasting effect by building resilience and creating memories for Young Carers.
We are here to try to make sure Young Carers have the time and opportunity to be children.

We support Young Carers between the ages of 8 and 24.